Planning for 2008

Posted by on December 20, 2007 in Day to Day | 4 comments

How many of you are thinking about New Years Resolutions? This time last year, so was I. This year I can happily say that New Years Resoloutions are a thing of the past for me.  Don’t get me wrong, planning is great, resolving, not so much. As part of our Having it All Challenge, we are heavily into planning mode. 

I already have 2008 planned–without any resolutions. I have GOALS and I am very committed to them. The mindset of resolutions for many is that they are made to be broken. I don’t want to go into another year wondering how long I’ll keep up one new habit or another. I am going into it committed to well thought out plans with a very precise map on how to achieve them.

As I go into 2008, I have my 30, 60 and 90 day goals firmly in place–including very specific action items. My long term goals are also firmly in place with action items. I’ll be reviewing each of these areas to make sure I’m staying on track and will adjust as necessary. I feel armed and ready to forge into 2008 with a clearly defined plan and not the usual fluff that resolutions can be made of.

If you haven’t made it to resolutions or planning yet and are still in holiday shopping mode, please give yourself and someone you care about the gift of Johns step by step guide to the life of your dreams.  “Having It All: Achieving Your Lifes Goals and Dreams” by John Assaraf makes a great gift. Now go get busy and set some goals for a fantastic 2008!

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  1. D,
    great comments about resolutions vs goals. I am into the goals as well! My 2008 list of goals is growing and growing! Here’s to Having It All my friend!
    Jennifer Sage

  2. I’m so new at this, I forgot to list my own blog after my comment. I am enjoying reading yours, it’s almost like reading my own mind! The Having It All Challenge is the single most empowering thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I hope to share it with everyone I love.

    Here’s to a great 2008,


  3. Goals (or, as a dear friend calls them, “gentle suggestions”) are so much better than resolutions, in part because of the time flexibility. Everything does NOT revolve around January 1st, and I am not always ready to set my goals at just this one time of the year. What happens when I realize something is a goal… on April 23rd? Do I “save” it for eight months? I don’t think so… Life is always in flux, so flexibility with goals is essential.

  4. denmarkguy, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the very nature of life is that it’s always changing. With having goals, we can adjust as those things change. If I have a resolution to lose (or “release” as John Assaraf teaches us) 10 pounds, should I stop once I get there, or would it be better to have a goal of eating healthy and exercising every day, which would allow me to release those ten pounds in the process. If I simply resolve to lose those ten pounds, chances are I’ll find them again by mid year!