Memorial Day

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The Gallardo Boys

For those who have lost a loved one, served our country, or who have otherwise been affected, Memorial Day is not about the commercialism of shopping and fireworks. It’s a day filled with honor, sadness, and reverence.

Every Memorial Day that I lived in Michigan was spent visiting the cemetery where my family rests. We took flowers and flags, and knelt at the military marker of my Uncle Eno who was killed in action in WWII.  My Uncle Joe, a WWII veteran, and the man who raised me, always referred to my Uncle as a hero. He gave his life for our country -something I understood even though I wasn’t yet in kindergarten. Even then, I felt the honor, gratitude, and pain.

To see my uncle – who at 6’1” seemed like a giant, gracefully kneel and dust off his brother’s grave, hat in hand, head bowed, is something that has stayed with me for a lifetime. My words cannot do my family justice. Instead, I would like to post an article that appeared in 1945 in our local newspaper. Please take a moment to read the article – not for me, not for my family – but to honor all of those who have sacrificed so much.

McHugh, Kathleen. “One Gold Star and Four Blue Stars Mark Ser