BlogWorld 2011 L.A. #BWELA Hidden Gems

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To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.Stephen Covey

The full BlogWorld experience is more than just attending sessions. It’s about connecting with others.  Some we’ll never see again, some will become friends, and some will touch us for a lifetime. I’d love to introduce you to some of the people I met. They have their own audience and voice, yet until BlogWorld we hadn’t crossed paths – they were hidden gems to me.

In no particular order, please meet:

Mona: the woman behind my favorite twitter name at #BWELA – @cookthisgetlaid  and the blog of the same name.  After five minutes with Mona you feel as though you’ve known her forever. I admired her ability to walk up to a full table and gracefully introduce herself to every new face. It’s one of those skills I’d love to master. Stop by her blog, she has great recipes!

My favorite new laugh of the day: Tastefully Offensive, an addictive humor site by Christian Baker. Christian was one of the first people I met at BlogWorld.  I don’t remember which one of us broke the ice first as we were waiting for the shuttle to the convention center but I loved listening to his journey and then getting hooked on his site. He is very dedicated to his craft, we gravitated to a lot of the same sessions and every time I saw him, he was hard at work. Go get a laugh today!

The best example of doing something you love and touching the lives of others: The Napkin Dad, Marty Coleman.  On the first day of #BWELA, he joined our table for breakfast. We learned that he would be speaking later in the week and we were able to get a sneak peek at his story. Stop by his blog and read Beginnings.

His presentation on what can stop our creativity intertwined with the story was touching on so many levels. His authenticity shines through and he inspired me to keep moving forward in my endeavors, one step at a time.

A woman after my own heart, Anne-Sophie of We met before one of the sessions so we didn’t have the opportunity to speak for long but we did have a wonderful conversation about the purpose behind our blogs. In that short time, we were really able to connect because we were both on a mission to help others by sharing our own journey.

Her blog is about her battle in overcoming anorexia and I blog about my journey which includes my families’ hoarding and alcoholism. Even though it’s discussed more in mainstream media than it has been, the topics we blog about are still somehow considered taboo by many. We both know that there are others out there who are going through  what we have and we both had the exact sentiment – if we can help just one person with what we share, we will feel as though we’ve made a difference. It was nice to connect with someone that understands everything that comes with blogging about things that can be so personal in order to help others.

In Chris Brogan’s words “be bold, say hi, connect – you’ll find people that love you.”

What hidden gems have you found lately??


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  1. Thank you Denise for connecting with me at BlogWorld! I was so happy you made it to my session and that we got to talk later that evening. I see a great road ahead for you in all your efforts!

  2. Thanks Marty, I’m so glad we met early on, and that you shared your story. After your session, I ran into a lot of people that said they heard it was a great one and wished they had gone. Told them they heard correctly! 😉 Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things that are in store for you. Will be happy to share it with the world.