The only constant is change

It’s that time again..Time to figure out what worked in 2008 and enhance it and figure out what didn’t — and change it.. That’s the mindset you have to adopt as you go into 2009. I know you’ve heard it before, but if you really want to see different results, you’re going to have to do different things. Sometimes, just the act of making one small change opens new doors and starts a whole new pattern of thinking.

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Dear World,

Please let today be the first day of our journey into a brighter era. That the last eight years has been difficult is a gross understatement. Rather than focus on the past and what went wrong, I’d like to focus on a brighter future.  I want to wake up on November 5th knowing that we are capable of true change, and creating a deep and powerful bonding and healing of our people and nation.

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Did you Do it?

So, did you do anything differently last week, or did you stay in your comfort zone? Continuing down the path of trying new things, my husband and I attended the 25th Anniversary celebration for “Foundation For Change” an organization that we had only read about briefly a few weeks prior.

It seemed to cater to our true belief that we must all be part of the change we want to see in the world. While we walked away incredibly impressed by the organization, we were also left scratching our heads in disbelief that although the organization has been in existence for 25 years, we only heard about it through a chance e-mail and decided to take action. By making one little change at a time, we awaken to the world around us and the gifts it gives us, if we choose to accept them.

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