BlogWorld 2011 LA #BWELA

Last night I drove home both energized and tired after an amazing three days at BlogWorld 2011 #BWELA. It was the first time I’d attended and I loved every minute. It’s like ComicCon for a different breed of nerds and geeks – in other words, I felt very much at home there. And yes, I really have attended ComicCon…

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Wake Up!!!

What did you do differently yesterday? Did you wake up at the same time, take the same route to work, follow the same old routine? Do you even remember the drive in to work or school?  It’s nice, comfortable and predictable. It allows us to live on autopilot. The downside to that nice cozy world is that we end up getting the same old results.

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the scariest things about joining the challenge was the thought of “putting myself out there”. I am a very private person by nature, yet I would soon be sharing my innermost desires with complete strangers and now here I am blogging to the world about my experience. Why?

To back up for a bit, in general my life is pretty awesome. I’ve been married for fourteen years now to my best friend and biggest supporter. We have two fantastic kids. We live in warm sunny California, and own our own home. I love my job, and have an employer I consider a friend and mentor who is supportive of my quest.

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