Keep it Simple

San Diego Beach“With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy.”
Lope de Vega

My quest for simplicity started in childhood. As the severity of my parents hoarding increased, so did my desire for a less complicated life. Night was the most peaceful time for me then, much as it is now. As a child, it’s when the chaos seemed to subside, and the darkness hid what daylight showcased.

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BlogWorld 2011 L.A. #BWELA Hidden Gems

To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.Stephen Covey

The full BlogWorld experience is more than just attending sessions. It’s about connecting with others.  Some we’ll never see again, some will become friends, and some will touch us for a lifetime. I’d love to introduce you to some of the people I met. They have their own audience and voice, yet until BlogWorld we hadn’t crossed paths – they were hidden gems to me.

In no particular order, please meet:

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Death does not wait

Uncle Joe

“Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back.”
Mitch Albom, For One More Day

This is a continuation of the last post.

A week later, my son and I would be on a plane headed for Michigan. He was eleven months old and would soon be meeting my dad’s side of the family for the first time.

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Before the Hoarding

“In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us.” -Virginia Woolf

Not drug-induced flashbacks, the kind where a certain smell or place sends you reeling back in time.

I found myself walking into our local ER a few days ago. The doctors thought it was appendicitis; however it turned out to be a case of inflamed kidneys.

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