Thank you Steve Jobs

Sadly, today we say goodbye to an icon – Steve Jobs.  Whether you’re a Mac or PC person, it’s hard to argue what an amazing visionary Steve was. His passion was apparent in all he did and his charisma was a reflection of that.

As a tribute to him, I’m sharing this video of his commencement speech at Stanford. Please make the time to watch it; it’s a very worthy reminder of how to live your life fully. His words and views of death struck a chord with with me, as it has been the deaths of my loved ones that have had the greatest impact on how I choose to live.

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Your gut and brain

Call it intuition, a sixth sense, or your “gut”. I like to think of it as the deep dark recesses of your brain. The sooner you learn to access and trust this powerful resource, the sooner you can tap into real change in your life. Whether it’s in business or a relationship, the more tuned into your gut you are, the better your decisions will be.


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