Procrastination Sucks

Procrastination2011 – New Year, New goals, same challenge with procrastination. When I say procrastination sucks, I mean it will literally suck the energy, momentum and life right out of you. It’s been my Achilles heel for as long as I can remember. Most of the time it’s just a horrible habit that feeds my somewhat twisted enjoyment of working under pressure. The adrenaline rush of beating the clock to get something done. I’ll easily pull through a pressure situation and feed the chaos I created for myself with a false sense of accomplishment. Sound familiar?

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RIP Patrick Swayze

Just a short post to say farewell to a man who became the epitiome of living life. Because of his fame, he fought his battle with cancer in the public eye.  With grace and dignity, Patrick found a way to battle his disease while pursuing his dreams and passion to the very end. The most important gift Patrick gave us was the reminder to live life to the fullest each and every day.

Choreographer Kenny Ortega had this to say “Patrick loved life, and had such an enthusiasm for everything he did. If he could climb it, he climbed it. If he could write it, he wrote it. If he could dance it, well, we all know he did. He lived.”

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Your Mindset

I was so prepared to start 2009 on top of my game, my “stop making resolutions” musings were waiting for me to hit the post button, I was happy, rested and into the full swing of a new year.

On January 3rd, I received a call letting me know that my beloved mom-in-law passed away. I was originally going to say that she lost her three-year battle to leukemia but I think it’s far more accurate to say that she won her wish to live her life the way she intended to for as long as possible.

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San Diego Earthquake

Yes  we felt the earthquake in San Diego, and yes we’re ok – thank you for thinking of us. For those of you going home from Comic-Con, we just wanted to give ya a little excitement on the way out!  I was on the first floor of a two story building and the windows rattled and the wall shook enough to let me know that it was bigger than a 3.0

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Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch: October 23, 1960 – July 24, 2008
If you haven’t watched this video, please make the time to watch it. If you have watched it, make the time to watch it again, and then give yourself the gift of living as Randy Pausch did. Not just waking up every morning and getting on the hamster wheel of life, but really living and being present in each moment.

Learn to share your gift with the world, we all have one. Don’t put things off until “someday”. What if you knew that today was your last day on earth, what would you do? Why aren’t you doing it now?

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