Follow your Passion

Are you doing what you love?

Many people aren’t… We have a tendency to stay with what we know, what seems safe and predictable. While it feels better at the time – years later it may lead to resentment and regret. Watch the video below, it was the kick-off to one of my  MIGHT sessions.

I saw my own family go through a lot of turmoil over abandoned dreams. Besides my own drive, it’s one of the things that fuels me to keep going. I know I’ll be happier if I try and fail than if I just give up on the dream. Pursue what makes you feel happy and alive. You deserve it.

LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

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My Guilty pleasure

Halong BayOk, I’ll admit it, I watch American Idol… There, I said it. I don’t watch much TV, I’d rather spend the time living my own life, but I love seeing people go after their dreams, I love seeing lives changed, and I love the inspiration it brings to others. It’s not just about singing, or entertainment, it’s about passion, making things happen, and taking risks.

Don’t waste precious time being afraid. Without the risk, all you’ll have is more of the same. Be wise in your decisions, but don’t stand in your own way. Trust in yourself and trust that as you take steps to move closer to living your dream, new doors will open – but you have to take action. You have to keep moving.

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RIP Patrick Swayze

Just a short post to say farewell to a man who became the epitiome of living life. Because of his fame, he fought his battle with cancer in the public eye.  With grace and dignity, Patrick found a way to battle his disease while pursuing his dreams and passion to the very end. The most important gift Patrick gave us was the reminder to live life to the fullest each and every day.

Choreographer Kenny Ortega had this to say “Patrick loved life, and had such an enthusiasm for everything he did. If he could climb it, he climbed it. If he could write it, he wrote it. If he could dance it, well, we all know he did. He lived.”

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Life After the Having It All Challenge….

My last entry was about the amazing in-person meeting of  our like-minded community. The “challenge” has officially ended, but I choose to see it as morphing into a beginning. The lessons learned were deep and lasting. For six months we were immersed in learning how to shut off the “mind chatter” and negative thoughts that creep into our habits–especially those we didn’t realize we had.

Since that time I’ve been busy putting into action all that I’ve learned, “re-learned”, and reawakened. I am currently transitioning from this blog into a hosted website that allows me a lot more flexibilty  My new home is a work in progress, I’m learning to use the amazing tools I have at my disposal so please bear with me during the construction. 😉

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