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Dear World,

Please let today be the first day of our journey into a brighter era. That the last eight years has been difficult is a gross understatement. Rather than focus on the past and what went wrong, I’d like to focus on a brighter future.  I want to wake up on November 5th knowing that we are capable of true change, and creating a deep and powerful bonding and healing of our people and nation.

As someone who grew up in the midst of forced busing, I’ve experienced a first-hand and very frightening view of racism at it’s ugliest. For those that have never encountered it, I don’t know that I can ever adequately explain how it changes and haunts you. I’m sure it’s what’s fueled my life-long quest for equality, self-improvement, empowerment, and the American dream for each and every one of us.

I’ve loved watching Senator Obama bring people together. At the end of his speeches, as the camera pans the crowd I’ve been moved to tears to see the diversity of his supporters. There’s something powerful about seeing the hands of people coming together to shake his- they are the hands of all ages and ethnicities banding together for our future, and the beginning of a new era.

Please take a moment to watch this video, it really is worth the time.

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  1. You capture a lot of my feelings about this Presidential cycle. It’s one thing to make an argument for either candidate…but it’s another thing entirely when you feel “a righteous wind at your back.”

    Let’s change ourselves, change the country, and change the world.

  2. Thanks Jason,

    Your last sentence is key – that change starts within each and every one of us. We really need to stop the hate and division, there’s so much more power in bringing people together for a positive, common goal or cause.

    Keeping changing the world, one day at a time..