Drama in Aisle Ten

Posted by on July 27, 2011 in Day to Day | 2 comments

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”
T. Harv Eker

All we wanted to do was buy a faucet. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted and went to a big box “home improvement” store to get it. We were tired and hoping for a quick in and out trip. No such luck..

We walked in, headed towards plumbing and started to look for the faucet. There was another couple in the aisle, who pretty much walked in front of us and started bickering over which faucet to get.  Since they didn’t lower their voice, I know she consults her mom on such things and he thinks her mom is a psycho. He liked the tall faucet, she was worried about splashing. He didn’t like what he heard, and stormed down the aisle with a disgusted “FINE, I’m done”.  She managed to call him back and they continued their bickering which then progressed to arguing.

By this time my husband and I were looking at each other and then the couple and then each other again. I’m mouthing the words, “I wish they would leave so we could look in peace.”

Good grief. If you can bring that much drama into the plumbing aisle over a faucet, what the heck does the rest of your life look like? What storm cloud surrounds you at home, at work, in aisle ten?  We didn’t even know these people and they managed to interrupt our evening. We walked around until they left so we could shop in peace. How sad that a ten minute encounter with someone leaves you feeling drained and in search of peace. I’m sure they had no clue how their lives spilled over to complete strangers.

On the flipside, other visits have found us chatting with a total stranger that felt like an old friend who actually made our evening more pleasant for having met them. I definitely prefer shopping (and life) in the drama-free zone.  Have you had these kinds of encounters? Did you say anything?

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  1. Just yesterday, I witnessed a near violent confrontation in a local park between two “friends” over a can of beer. They were shouting obscenities at the top of their voice and were within inches of coming to blows. Whenever I see such things, I just calmly think to myself: “I’m glad it’s not me.”

  2. nothingprofound, I hear you. Mix in alcohol or other substances to a drama filled life and you have a great recipe for disaster or self distruction. I’ve worked hard to eliminate toxic people from my life, but there are times when they seem to interject themselves as we go along our day.

    The nice thing is that it’s a good reminder to how peaceful life is without all the drama and chaos. 😉