Stop looking for the Easy Button

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Stop looking for the Easy Button

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It’s your life, not a commercial. There is no easy button.
What you may define as “hard work” or a hard life, is just how you choose to see it. Athletes, Olympians, physicians, attorneys, computer wizards, and any other subject matter expert or professional all had to do “the work” to get

Unless you’re a Kardashian, life doesn’t hand you fame and fortune without putting forth some effort, a.k.a. hard work. Whatever it is you want to do in life usually requires at minimum, a roadmap to get there. I’m amazed at the number of people that spend hours posting how horrible their life, job, or relationship is. Any of those areas would be vastly improved if
the time were spent working on them instead of complaining to the world about

As cliché as it sounds – attitude is everything. If you spend your days complaining
about life while taking no responsibility for it, I guarantee you will find
yourself surrounded by people who agree with you, commiserate with you and that
will help you build an emotional cesspool that will feed upon itself for as
long as you allow it.

So what do you do? For one, get rid of the toxic mindset,
and if that means eliminating or reducing the amount of time you spend with
toxic people – by all means, do it! By changing your own outlook – you may even
help the toxic mindset around you. It takes discipline and a desire to make a

After my last half-marathon, my hip issues began to flare up
again to the point that even a short run hurt. I realized how tired I was of
running in pain. Mind you, I have been working with various professionals to
try to identify the cause and find a solution. Until recently, I hadn’t had
much luck. I was referred to a chiropractor who gave me the most thorough
assessment I’ve had in the twenty-six years I’ve lived in San Diego. He was the
first person who suggested I might have a leg length discrepancy and advised me
confirm it with an X-ray and leg length study. He was right, and I have just
started on my road to recovery. I have a treatment plan that will take over
twenty weeks to complete.

The plan will require commitment, discipline and hard work on
my part. I will also need to allot the time and money required to complete the
plan. I will need to follow my plan, do the exercises I am given, attend all of
my appointments and be completely consistent with all of it. I could of course,
hit the easy button instead and just stop running and participating in all the
activities I enjoy that bring on the hip pain – or I could do the hard work and
end up feeling and running better than ever – pain free!

I started my treatment plan last week and I couldn’t be
happier. There will be hard work ahead if I choose to see it that way, or I
could see it as following the roadmap to my good health. What hard work project
have you taken on?

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