Create a Mindset for Success

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Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.
– Louis Pasteur

I’m currently on the #NaBloPoMo diet. Ok, it’s not a real diet, it just reminds me of being on a diet. My challenge is to write a blog post per day for the entire month of November.  I love to write, so it should be pretty easy right? Well, it’s not…. But it’s an amazing exercise to go through.

Much like diets and New Year’s resolutions, I’ve blown it in the first week. It would be sooo easy to think that just because I’ve missed a day (or more) it means the challenge is over – au contraire mon frère! The challenge is just beginning.  Missing a day does not mean failure. Not on a diet, exercise routine, or any other goal. This is where we need to be tenacious and creative.

It would be easy to say “I’m too busy”. I work full-time, I have two kids, two dogs, a house, an exercise and physical therapy routine, blah blah blah… We all have challenges to push through in order to meet our goals. This is where our learning and growth takes place and where new (positive) habits are formed. We learn what’s important to us and how to prioritize.  This is where we create a mindset for success.

I haven’t been consistent with the frequency of my writing and it’s important to me to improve that. Participating in NaBloPoMo makes me feel accountable and helps me push through the procrastination that can creep in. It makes me stay up late – if that’s what it take to finish. I had one night where I actually fell asleep mid-post. Not pretty. It forced me to look at how I was spending my time each day and where I could could make changes.

I don’t know that I’ll ever change when I write – I love the hum of late nights. My dogs are snoring in the background, something mindless and non-distracting is on TV, and I don’t have to worry about dividing my attention between my family and my writing. I am giving each my full attention.

How do you get through your toughest challenges in meeting a goal?


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