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The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.

Ram Dass

The Ming Tree

There’s a Meditation Garden a short drive from my home – I call it my “Zen Place”.  I melt into a state of relaxation as soon as I walk onto the property. From one viewpoint, you can see the expanse of the ocean, and if the timing is right, you can spot dolphins playing in the surf.  My favorite tree sits to the left, a Monterey Pine shaped as a Bonsai and lovingly called “the Ming Tree”.

My life has benefit greatly from this beautiful garden. When I lost my friend and mentor two years ago this October, it was here that I sought solace. When my work life was hectic, it was here that I found stillness, and when my beloved rescue Petey passed away, it’s here that I made peace with it.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made this year is to walk away from corporate America, the safety net of a regular paycheck and most importantly, to move toward living life in my Zen Place – not the physical location – the zen place within that comes from taking the first steps towards fulfilling a dream. That dream for me has always been to help others. I did this as much as I could in every position I held, always finding a way to help when I could, whether it was by an encouraging word, or by taking on something that was outside of the scope of what I was there to do. Helping is my Zen Place. So is writing.

For years, the idea and a few pages that formed the seeds of the book sat on a back burner. When life got hectic, I stopped working on it all together. Almost two years ago, I found a company called MIGHT with a tool that peaked my curiosity. It was designed to keep creatives and entrepreneurs focused on their primary goal(s). It took me a couple times of going back to the site before I pushed the button.. I was hesitant partly because it meant I was committing to the book. Taking that leap was scary. It meant I had to really put myself out there because it’s a memoir.

My reasons for writing it are two-fold, one, is to help others, and the other is to preserve the memories of my family. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do know that it helps to not feel alone when you face challenges in life. The memoir touches on alcoholism, death, hoarding, and becoming a single parent overnight – to name a few. When you grow up feeling “different” or are touched by a difficult circumstance it’s easy to feel alone and isolated by it. Sometimes you withdraw because you feel no one would understand what you’re going through. I did that for too long, and it didn’t serve me well. I share my story openly, honestly and with love in hope that it may help someone else.

I’m now close to finishing because I took a chance and  pushed the button and committed. Because I love how it helped me, I’m helping spread the word on MIGHT and am working to get the book out there as soon as I can!

What are the scariest steps you’ve taken to make your dream a reality?

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