Self-Publishing and Titles

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“Whoever ceases to be a student, has never been a student”
George Isles

That little corner of my desk has been my focus for some time now. Some days the books are piled much higher. I got myself through writing the memoir, working with a wonderful editor on round one of edits, and am now getting a handle on the self-publishing side of things. I have my game plan, and am exicited to move forward.

The funny thing, is that my sticking point has nothing to do with the technology, process, or the legalities of self-Publishing – it actually has nothing to do with it at all.

It’s the damn title of all things! I’ve had a few ideas and working titles, but now that I’m ready for the cover art, nothing screams “I’m it – I’m the title – pick me.” For those titles that were in the running  – the thought of algorithms danced in my head and fought with the creative part of my brain.  The algorithms won, I’m afraid.

The Duel is back on – right brain vs left brain. Has anyone reading this ever had that battle – and how did you get through it?

Pen, paper and a notes app are a permanent part of me, so I’m always scibbling down thoughts. No ideas in the shower or my dreams – the places where many helpful ideas begin for me.

Marina, my faithful companion, is bored with my dilemna.  Thoughts anyone?




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