Inspiration and Solace

Woodward Dream Cruise

Where do you find inspiration and solace? We all need an outlet. Something to get lost in. Something to rejoice with. Something to ease the pain. Whether it’s writing, music, restoring cars or a sport that provides physical release, we all need to find our “thing”.

Writing and music are some of mine.  At times I hear a certain song and it takes me back to very specific moments in my life. My Aunt Sarah always listened to music and through it, she gave me glimpses of her heart. I remember once in passing she said the song “In the Ghetto” by Elvis always made her cry because when I was born it reminded her of me. I was born on a cold winter day and my parents separated when I was six months old. I flash back to bits the lyrics –

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Sgt. Merlin German, is a true example of resilience, perseverance and inspiration. In 2004, over 97% of his body was burned during a roadside bombing in Iraq.

He endured over 100 operations, and not only walked again, but surprised his mother by asking her for a dance at the hospital ball in December of 2006. He earned the nickname of the “Miracle Man” and went on to form the foundation Merlins Miracles He fought valiantly before passing away shortly after a surgery last month. What’s holding you back?

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