Who is SimplyD?

SimplyD AboutTo my friends, I am Simply “D”.

I’m a writer, geek, the girl next door, mom, wife, and extroverted introvert.  I’ve always believed that life is Simple – if you allow it to be…

Who am I to talk about mindset and life?

I grew up in what some considered to be “the bad part of town” – friends from school weren’t allowed to visit “that area.”   The town itself was very dependent on the automotive industry. If you were alive in the 80’s, you know the rest.

My parents were affected by the surrounding economy, broken dreams and lack mentality. They were amazing and talented people, who unfortunately were sucked into self-limiting beliefs.  Neither the word or  TV show “Hoarding”  existed in my world at the time; however it was something I started living with at the age of nine. It led to a childhood of humiliation, isolation, and pain.

Add to that – asthma, allergies, and being the geeky book and violin carrying kid in school that was always picked last in P.E. and you can probably guess that I wasn’t one of the cool kids. Since then, I’ve run half-marathons and 5 Ks, am free from asthma meds and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Those circumstances led to my determination and success in creating a life I absolutely love. At the age of 18, I moved cross country to the beautiful place I now call home – San Diego. I was determined to create a better life for myself and I’m happy to say that I did.

Along the way, I’ve had my share and then some, of bumps, bruises and pains. In my twenties, I became a single mom overnight and bounced back stronger and happier than before. Most of my family, whom I loved dearly, have passed away.  Their lives gave me many lessons which I hope to share over time.

This is just the surface of my story. I know that there are many others like me who may be stuck in one stage or another of their journey. In sharing my story, I hope it helps you to start creating the life of YOUR dreams.

If you really want to know more, here’s a link to a recent interview.

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